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Born in 1972, Damien de Medeiros aka Hermentaire is a French artist who lives and works in Paris, France.

Damien is a multi-talented fine artist who expresses his creativity in various art forms and disciplines.  First a music composer, he starts by making a name for himself by composing original soundtracks for documentary films. He, then becomes a film maker and a photographer. Each practices nourishes and complements each other in a such a way that he started exploring a new form of expression through another visual vocabulary :  paintings and drawings. He signs his pictorial work under the name Hermentaire, his third middle name, a reference to the Saint who killed the dragon of his home town in southern France. Whether it’s on canvas or paper, in watercolor or acrylic, in collage or in relief, he gives life to his dreamlike world, his ethnic, poetic and animal tribes playing with a range of shades and nuances of blacks and subtle mix of colors. 

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